Biggerfooty needs to grow up

The site i’ve been looking at the last few weeks has gotten worse. Why? The members of that forum need to actually grow up and cease and desist from blaming everyone for their own insecurities.

I saw something last night on the site’s shoutbox that was actually more disturbing. One guy was accused of raping another guy when it didn’t happen. The accuser did this for attention.

Biggerfooty are at prep level. They are so immature that all they do is shitfight and accuse others of their own insecurities.

I reported them to because i was worried about the level of bullying that was going on in that site. I’ve done the right thing there by getting the cops to check it over again and hopefully remove everything from that forum and pull it down.

Now that has happened we just have to wait and see whether the site gets pulled down and i get left alone.