If you choose to cyberstalk me online and take me to court be aware you will have ACORN following you around everywhere you go.

People need to realise that hey it’s ok to have your own opinion about others and it’s ok to express your own opinion but it’s not ok to cyberstalk them and take them to court just to harass them.

People who do this need to understand that they are actually being a vexatious litigant to try and harass me all the time through the courts.

I’m simply sitting here at home on my own computer typing up what it is i want on wordpress. If you wish to make a counter blog on wordpress do so. I’m not interested in your podcasts or going to court.

Nobody really gives a rat’s arse about what it is you do all day with your life. By all means you could be at home helping your partner prepare a hot meal that you are to have tonight.

Just cease and desist from misusing the courts as your parents. We know your folks aren’t around anymore. That’s ok but don’t use the courts like they are your parents. The courts aren’t there for your silly childish complaints. Neither are police.