Need to address something that some people are wanting from me

Ok everyone ok?


Let’s do this.


I have been asked to apologise for other people’s behaviour when they started a boycott on my forum because i wouldn’t let them fartarse about on my forum. The fact was they were all being stupid and were talking behind my back via PM’s that i happened to read.

Now we have rules on my forum that everyone must follow. If they don’t they actually get booted. They don’t like this but they need to be held to account over their own behaviour.

What i don’t get is the fact that they have a forum that they all post on that is obsessed over me called and all i get is abuse on their shoutbox and forum.

They have now banned me from that forum but i can still read the shoutbox. What they need to do is apologise to me for talking behind my back on my forum and boycotting my forum when they got caught out.

As an autistic individual i don’t need to be blamed for other peoples behaviour. I don’t need to apologise for anything.

I run my own forum and who cares if you don’t like it. You don’t have to post on it. Unfortunately for me i have to post on my own forum because of other people’s ignorant behaviour on other forums. Their negligence means that i can’t post anywhere else.

I’m not somebody that forces people to post on their own forums and abuses them for their own decisions they make. If anything they all do that to me. You have kingy who needs to pull his head in as he needs to change his attitude towards disabled people no matter what they have. Don’t make up shit about me. Just learn to be acceptive and respectful. Oh and you won’t be getting it your way either with the footy team comment. I’m a north melbourne supporter. I was made to change to Hawthorn by my now dead natural grandfather when he was alive. He was a narcissitic idiot like yourself.

My natural father is a north melbourne supporter. He lives in mt gambier but was originally from one of the suburbs in Sydney. I look like my natural father. I don’t have FAS. You are just fucking ignorant and need to learn that you are wrong.

FAS only can happen if the mother drank during her pregnancy. It affects babies when they are still inside the womb. It is not genetic.

However, autism is genetic. My natural mother has it worse than what i have it. She has ADHD and Autism. I only have autism.

Anyway if you guys make me have a meltdown you need to actually stop and think about what the fuck it is you are all doing. I’m not to blame for your ignorance. You are to blame for your ignorance and stupidity.

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