Firstly, to those that are wanting to take me to court go right ahead. Go and see if your evidence is going to be heard in court.

Secondly, If it doesn’t succeed in a court hearing maybe start a blog and see how you will go there. Be aware you will be the one that might be in more strife.

Thirdly, If i am taken to court all because you have read my forum I will be saying what the actual fuck towards you. It’s like taking me to court over farting. Or over some stain on my shirt.

Just be aware as well when you have gone down the legal path that some things might just come back and bite you hard on your backside. All of those Intervention orders you took out on me for your own insecurities. What sort of person are you really? Some insecure idiot who thinks that stalking people is going to help your cause.

Why look up people’s physical details at the State Library? Why don’t you just think about this first.

You say you want to become a politician. You will get into trouble with whichever party you are running with because of your legal action against others.

Some people might happen to board the same bus as you. They aren’t stalking you. They don’t even know that you are on the same bus as them. They might have to do some errands down your neck of the woods.  Or they might have a job down your way.

People who take me to court you need to understand that harassing them constantly online isn’t going to work for you. I don’t care what it is you say about me just don’t take me to court over your silly childish evidence of “oh she just farted on the bus”.  Or “She has a stain on her shirt”.  Make sure that your evidence is credible and actually can be dealt with in court. Taking me to court over reading my forum is just a bit childish. Anyone can read a public internet forum. It’s the same as anyone can read your own website. Especially with the hate page on there of those you call enemies of autism.

Last point, Anyone has the right to express their opinions of you. It doesn’t matter who it is they are in the world. If somebody thinks they don’t like you then look at that and keep it as feedback on yourself. You got kicked out of the BFUA for your own behaviour so yes you have to put up with it. I don’t care that you have a couple of medical conditions get them sorted and look after yourself.