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  • Uncouth language on biggerfooty

    Something that i’ve also noticed on biggerfooty is the amount of uncouth language on that forum and shoutbox. Something that Gordy’s noticed as well. Salty people swearing at everyone else […]

  • Biggerfooty needs to grow up

    The site i’ve been looking at the last few weeks has gotten worse. Why? The members of that forum need to actually grow up and cease and desist from blaming […]

  • When you get blamed for something you never did

    Going to call out a few people on bigfooty here for accusing me of doing things i haven’t actually done. Unfortunately some of these people are staff members on bigfooty. […]

  • Biggerfooty people commenting about me on their shoutbox need to shut up

    If you guys want me to apologise then cease and desist from making stupid abusive comments about me on your shoutbox. I can read that shoutbox and i’m getting called […]

  • Abusing admin via email

    It’s getting to the point where people are starting to abuse me via email. I’m not going to have any of this and if it continues you will all be […]

  • Impersonation is not on

    Funny how some people think that they can impersonate others when it’s not the case at all. I received a comment on my blog entry just before and had to […]

  • Need to address something that some people are wanting from me

    Ok everyone ok?   Let’s do this.   I have been asked to apologise for other people’s behaviour when they started a boycott on my forum because i wouldn’t let […]

  • Anyone on here like DVB?

    Today at 02:45:04 pm bugsboner says: No Sooz, Pies supporters ain’t brainwashed into following Collingwood, however u were obviously brainwashed into being a a floor spitting retard. Even most Norf […]

  • Welcome to the new members only forum

    Hi all, Welcome to this new members only forum. Had to make it private because of the cyberstalking and cyberabuse i was getting from a rival forum called biggerfooty. So […]